Understanding piling

A few facts about us and our equipment.

What is a pile? A pile driver that is a mechanical device that looks like a torpedo. This machine is used to install piled foundations It is 135mm diameter and 1.8 metres long. It is 140kg in weight and it beats down 340 times a minute. This piece of specialist machinery is used to drive 150mm diameter piles into the ground. This is done for a numerous amount of reasons for example: Tree Influences, Clay Soils, Deep Drains or Made up Ground.

Our piling equipment is hand held, we can get through very restricted areas. For example, if you can get a wheel barrow through we can get our kit through there too.

Our minimum headroom requirement is 2.4 metres.

We have low noise and vibration levels. 

We can achieve upto 100km per pile.

Pile Caps

A pile cap is a concrete block to which the top of the piles are embedded to even out the weight that a single pile can hold. These pile caps are then connected with ground beams to secure the foundations together.